History of Michal Salac - Autosalac - Autosalac s.r.o.

Autosalac s.r.o. company was esablished in 1998. At begining our company employed 19 employees, now we have 35 employees.

Our company now cooperates with TRW s.r.o.

We also cooperated with folowing companies:

Škoda auto 2000-2007

Schell automotive s.r.o. 2000-2003

SBD UNO 2000-2003

From year 2007 we own ISO 9001:2000 TÜV certification.

Our company Autosalac s.r.o. deals with assembling of platic car components such as plugs, staples and ventilation grills. We also own CNC SPÜHL and EFD foam in place machine.

Our company has also car service division where we provides folowing services:

Brazing, plumbing and metalworking

Complete portfolio of car and car parts service

Car painting

From 1.7. 2008 AutoSalač s.r.o.

Logo společnosti AutoSalač s.r.o.